Joomla Bliss Support Portal

Modern Website Design + SEO

Based on annual subscriptions, i.e. 12 calendar months.

Service Levels Agreement (SLA) Options

Service Level
Hours of support monthly, including project management 6 9 12
Regular platform upgrades*+
except from
J1.5 to J3.0

Content Updates*
Regular Website backups

twice a week

Security upgrades
Consulting and training
Website monitoring during business hours
24/7/365 Website monitoring
Assistance with disaster recovery during regular business hours (as soon as possible)
Assistance with disaster recovery 24/7/365
Costs** $3,060.00 annually (average $255.00 per month) $5,400.00 annually (average $450.00 per month) $7,200.00 annually (average $585.00 per month)

+ Upgrades are limited to the existing version branch.
* Not exceeding the total of supported hours per month; component optimization and feature development excluded. For tasks requiring more than the total, additional hourly rate will apply. Additional charges are at $85 per hour.
** Add 13% HST for projects in Canada

The Bronze package is highly suitable for most businesses; it offers sufficient time for consulting, training as well as website management support via email.

Helpdesk & Issue Escalations

Joomla Bliss is responsible for communicating with the client in a timely manner. As a rule, our email response rate is within 1-2 hours.

Our issue escalation process is the simplest in the industry, as we are a small and tight team. All client emails and calls go to the Project Manager (Anna) directly and critical and important issues are addressed on an as-soon-as-possible basis.

Response Time

Joomla Bliss commits to the following response time:

Bronze within 24 hours during regular business hours
Silver within 1-2 hours during regular business hours
Gold within 30 min; 24/7/365

Regular business hours are defined as between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., week-ends and holidays are not included.